Welcome to CoastLines

Every week the iCoastside team from Phondini Partners will give a helpful tip, tell a story, or reveal some amazing fact about the Coastside.

For this week, have you tried CoastSearch?  It is a unique search function built specifically for iCoastside that is geographically focused on the Coastside.  We've preloaded some common local search terms to play with in the previous searches list.  For example, if you touch "artichoke" CoastSearch will search locally for all things artichoke and return local artichoke restaurants, local recipes, and so on.  If you do this on a normal search engine, you would get pages of results that have nothing to do with the Coastside.

So please enjoy iCoastside and give us a rating and a review when you get a chance.  Or contact us directly thru the "About..." section to give us suggestions or corrections.

Cheers, Joe