A New iCoastside

iCoastside celebrates its 6th birthday with an all new look!  We've put your favorite items together at the top.

We know you love Surf Reports, Tide Tables and Weather.  Under Public Safety, iCoastside is the only place to get SMC Alerts without registering.  Heard a siren -- check Fire Dispatch.

Our new Real Estate section includes a Featured Property and an Open House Directory.

Check it out today!

New Release of iCoastside

Dear Coastside Neighbor,

We hope you enjoy this latest release of iCoastside, the Coastside's Community App.  We do our best to keep up with everyone's data, data formats, operating system updates, etc., so that you have the most relevant and useful information about Coastside living at your fingertips.

As always, if there's something we've overlooked, or something that isn't working as it should, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Welcome FishLine the App

Phondini Partners is very pleased to announce the release of FishLine the Mobile App on the iTunes App Store for iPhone/iPad and on the Google Play Store for Android.  This is the first release of the app and is funded in part by a grant from the Central California Joint Cable/Fisheries Liaison Committee of Morro Bay.  FishLine covers the coast from Port San Luis and Morro Bay to Pillar Point Harbor.

iCoastside update coming…

We're putting the finishing touches on a new version of iCoastside!  Our newest feature will be apparent in the Business Directory sections (Shopping, Food & Drink, Lodging, Recreation, Services); for each business in the Directory, you'll be able to do four things:

  • make it a ‘Favorite'
  • add it to your Contacts
  • make an Appointment (or Event) on your Calendar
  • make a Note (text)

In addition, you'll see a button for ‘Favorites' at the top level --- this puts your Favorite Coastside businesses within easy reach, so you can call them, email them, or bring up their website with ease.  We're pretty excited about this!

Reviews and Feedback

The Coastside is a unique place.  It's minutes away from Silicon Valley, Apple, Google, Facebook, and the world's largest technology superpowers.

AND, it's a small town, where people come to get away from all that Silicon Valley represents.

It's the Small Town aspect of Half Moon Bay that inspires me to do something different in the area of Reviews and Feedback.  A cruise through any of the leading review sites reveals a disturbing number of 1-star reviews.  Some of these are well-written and detailed; some others seem to be written in a manner so detached, I wonder if they ever went to that business.

Here on the Coastside, the business owners are my friends and neighbors.  Our children go to school together.  So, if I have a negative experience at a local restaurant, whom should I tell?  The entire online world?

I don't think so.

In my opinion, that corrective feedback can do the most good when it's received by the owner of the restaurant first, so they can take corrective action.

I appreciate honesty. So if I have some embarrassing piece of food stuck in my teeth, or on my chin, what would I want my friend to do?  Share it on every social network?  No.  I'd want them to tell me first, so I can fix it.

This is one element that's missing from the popular review sites, and one of the reasons why we don't use them.

iPumpkin on the way

Please don't worry -- we're 3 weeks from the Pumpkin Festival and, yes Virginia, there will be a 2012 Pumpkin Festival update to iPumpkin and the same content will be in an update to iCoastside in early October.

HMB International Marathon

The latest iCoastside has all you need to know about the Half Moon Bay International Marathon and all of the events that go with it including maps of the route, location of refreshment stations, and results.

CoastDrive: Easy Driving Times

We've all struggled with 511 over the phone or clicking on maps to get traffic info.
Worry no more -- click on CoastDrive and get the driving times for the most popular routes on the Coastside.

Explore our Farmer’s Markets

This is a great time to visit our local Farmer's Markets in Half Moon Bay (Saturday), Pescadero (Thursday), La Honda (Tuesday) and Pacifica (Wednesday).  Check out the Farmer's Market listings under Food & Drink in iCoastside for times, locations and contact info.